Making the Journey From Divorce To Divine


Cynthia Claire Stayrook–Author of Divorce to Divine

Surviving a crumbled marriage and divorce is tough enough—but reliving it for 13 weeks and sharing your story with the world could topple even the strongest soul.  For Cynthia Claire, writing Divorce to Divine: Becoming the Fabulous Person You Were Intended To Be was more than personal catharsis, it was an opportunity to help others find positivity and move life forward.

Many of us have been lost in the negative abyss that is divorce, trying to figure out what went wrong and reeling from the self-deprecation that typically follows.  Cynthia’s experience was similar to others with one difference—she has shared her own difficult story and dedicated her life to helping others realize their strengths.

“Do I even want to bring all of that up again?  Feeling like a failure as a wife and a mother…I thought—I am going to go there for the woman I want to help,” she says.  “Some of the feelings are exactly the same—when I found out my husband cheated on me and writing about it—it hurts the same.  I appreciate what it did to me…how I changed as a result of writing this.  I wrote about my own affair—I don’t feel guilty.  I don’t feel proud that I did it, but I did it and I learned from it. Just putting it in a book that everyone is going to read—it was an interesting journey.”

Cynthia thought when she started writing the book that “it was going to be all about strength and corporate America…but realized that I really want to help someone who was like me 10 years ago,” she says.  “Dazed and confused—what do I do after my divorce? Now I’m a single parent.  It’s going to be OK—and here’s the journey you need to go through.  I wanted to talk to this person to give her hope, to be her friend and guide her to a better place.”

Sharing her own personal story also meant that Cynthia had to consider the impact that publishing the book would have on her family and friends. While she was ready to move forward with positive purpose, she had to make sure that the brutally honest recounting of her past did not hurt those in her present.  “I thought–my daughter is going to read the book,” she says. “I needed to be honest, but I didn’t need to be brutal, because I am writing about her dad.  I was honest but I wasn’t mean.  I was true to the facts and I was true to sharing my emotions.” With her daughter’s blessing and support, Cynthia moved forward with the publication.

Over 13 weeks, she followed a rigid process to create the book and share her experience.  She made a commitment, engaged support, and told everyone the publish date to make sure she kept the promise.   “I am an Activator (one of my top 5 strengths), so I thought–I really should be published. I want to be a speaker, a subject matter expert, and a coach.  I watched a webinar about a group of women that had written a book in 13 weeks and I realized—I can do this, so I signed up and I wrote a check to make a commitment.”

Divorce to Divine is more than a story about divorce, it is the phoenix rising from the ashes of self-doubt and despair, flying to a new, better life.  Cynthia pushes the reader to complete the reflection and analysis needed to find happiness while building a new life foundation.  She leaves the reader with the inspiration to forgive and to move forward with confidence: “Pursuing happiness takes time, courage and awareness.  It also means being open to the possibilities, the new experiences and people that come into your life for a purpose.  And it is quite possible that purpose is to bring you happiness, even when you least expect it.”

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