8 Things Mothers Should Do When Raising Fatherless Kids

Candice1. Listen to your children if they ever want to talk about their father.

2.Tell your children the truth, but don’t continually talk bad about their father to them. Life happens. People handle it in different ways.

3. Share with them the traits of a good man.

4. Find your child a male mentor.

5. Encourage them to conquer the world-single parent children often feel like they’re at a disadvantage.

6. Don’t minimize the role of a father–although your relationship may not be a good one and you may do it all on your own, the role of a father is important.

7. If you can’t relate, then find someone who can. Ask them to speak an encouraging word.  The best thing is to know that someone truly understands.

8. Heal. If you’re hurting, you may be causing unnecessary tension between you and your children. It’s time to heal and leave the past in the past.


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Why me? As a fatherless daughter, your interpretation of society is a little different. An incomplete image is what you constantly feel when you see fathers on television, in the grocery store, and on social media. And no matter how much you try to voice your feelings, you steadily are sucked into life’s woes. Perfection is the perfect way for you to mentally escape. Ultimately, you never deal with the trials of your childhood, leaving you to grow into a person that lacks confidence in your emotional voice.
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About Candice Ragland

Candice Ragland's mission is to serve fatherless daughters around the world. Calling herself a “journeyist”, she provides women the tools they need to come face-to-face with their true story of power and strength, despite the overwhelming feelings of their past. As a woman full of determination, she continues to make great strides in her life. She’s a speaker, entrepreneur, teacher, real estate investor, and volunteer. Candice holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Winston-Salem State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Xavier University. She enjoys traveling and shopping (for shoes, of course!) and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. You can reach Candice at www.candicethejourneyist.com.
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